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I Dream Of A Majorca Property

It was around the end of May of this year that I had decided to resign from my job in London as a counsellor and take a nice weeklong holiday to Majorca, Spain. This was a starting point in me hunting for a new place to live, check out Majorca property prices and drink loads of Sangria on the beach! It would be my first trip to Spain and I have long since had my heart set on owning a property in Spain one day. Now was my chance to begin my research.

I made sure that I was packed up to the brim of my suitcase with plenty of mini-skirts, vests, flip-flops and a whole range of bikinis. Of course, I could not leave without the odd high heels and very important cocktail dresses. I had also cleverly packed a guide on Majorca and kept in mind to visit the property agencies in Palma De Mallorca, for my search for a Majorca property.

On Arrival

As soon as I arrived at the airport, I could not wait a single moment to get to Santa Ponsa (a resort in South-West Majorca). My reaction was as expected when I got to the beach! I was mesmerised by the deep blue sea and the warm white sand that tickled in between my toes. This was my first beach holiday, every bit of Majorca was so fascinating that I was like a child walking into a sweet shop. The first thing I wanted to do was swim in the salty sea and experience the waves pulling me back and forth.

Of course, I had not forgotten about my main purpose, of researching Majorca property prices. I had noticed that the properties appeared spacious, bright and airy. Some houses were large, all of them with balconies (overlooking a beautiful view of the beach) and often with exotic trees standing over the roof. Children were free to roam the streets, and were so impressively polite to passers-by. I was beginning to fall in love with this place after only 24 hours.

Santa Ponsa, comprised of many tourist bars and Irish pubs, but it also contained many of the original traditions of Spain. This particular part of Majorca catered mainly for the Irish tourists, hence the numerous Irish themed pubs. I was expecting more tourists than Spanish locals in this area, but I was surprised to see that there were many Spanish people living locally in this area speaking their native Catalan tongue.

Property searching

I caught a bus up to Palma, a very cosmopolitan, vibrant and modern city. One of Palma’s major landmarks is the large Gothic Cathedral that overlooks the sea. As soon as I arrived at the bus depot, it was not hard to spot the magnificent building intricately designed by Antoni Gaudi in the late 1800’s. I was becoming even surer of my decision to purchase a property on this island.

The main city centre was busy, but it was not like the hustle and bustle of London Oxford Circus. People looked relaxed, no one looked like they were in a hurry and best of all people were smiling. I decided to visit a very swish looking property estate agent; they were very polite to me, sat me down and offered me a cool beverage while I waited for an agent to come out.

The agent was a rather friendly middle-aged man, very well tanned, dressed in a short-sleeved shirt with the top button of his collar undone, approaching me in a friendly relaxed manner and a big smile. We chatted for a short while, he explained that properties in Majorca have risen by 18% since 2004 with the average price being 750000 Euros; depending on the area one chooses to live in, you could buy a flat for 150000 Euros.

While the agent was explaining the finer details of buying a property in Spain, I could not help but notice that his approach was unlike any other agent I had come across. He was not trying to sell the company’s services; I guess he felt that there was no need to place emphasis on making a sale on my dream Majorca property, I was sold on the idea even before I stepped into the office!

With all of the information he had given me, I decided to plan my days exploring the island, talking to locals and comparing prices with different agencies. The only thing I was disappointed with was that the properties did not come with a hunky male Spanish helper!

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